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Fee Schedule & Payment Center

Please call or email for quotes on larger homes or multi-family structures.

Square footage is figured on the total area of the structure above and below ground.

To pay by credit or debit card please enter the Quantity of 1 in the box matching the size of the home below or enter the quoted fee amount at the top line of the Fee & Payment Schedule below with the Quantity 1 and the quoted fee amount in the price then press continue and you will proceed through the payment process.
QuantityDescription Price
Quoted Inspection Fee Total
0000-2500 SF Home Inspection$300.00
2501-3000 SF Home Inspection$325.00
3001-3500 SF Home Inspection$350.00
3501-4000 SF Home Inspection$375.00
4001-4500 SF Home Inspection$400.00
4501-5000 SF Home Inspection$450.00
5001-5500 SF Home Inspection$500.00
Duplex Inspection 0000-3000 SF$400.00
3 Unit Apartment Inspection (Triplex)$475.00
4 Unit Apartment Inspection$550.00
Workshop / Outbuilding Inspection$50.00
Shed Inspection$15.00
Radon Test$125.00
Limited Air Sampling for mold-Per Sample$125.00
Asbestos Testing$125.00
Mileage and Travel Time - Per Mile$0.75

Please Note:

If you would like to pay by credit card we have three options for payment. 

  1. We can swipe the card in person.
  2. We can manually enter the card information. 
  3. You can enter the corresponding fees above. 

For us to accept your credit card manually we will need the following information which could be phoned to us at 701-833-1978, Faxed to 866-872-9959 or emailed to :

  1. Name as it appears on the card.
  2. Billing address related to the card.
  3. Telephone Number.
  4. Card Type. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  5. Card Number.
  6. Expiration Date.
  7. Security Code.

Here's what our customers have to say about Central Home Inspections:

  • "Thank you for the thorough report. You are thorough and complete. I noticed that you noticed some discoloration in the photo of the insulation upstairs. I'm glad you spotted that. :) I will certainly recommend you in the future."
    Rob H.
    - Woodward, OK
  • Mr. Nelson,

    Just wanted to say Thank you for providing an excellent product. Especially going into detail on several of the items discovered. We are very pleased with your services and wanted to let you know.

    Thank you,
    D. White Family
    - Minot, ND
  • Mark,

    Tim and I would like to thank you for the thorough job on the inspection report and all the additional photos. We feel like we have a good picture of the properties current condition and future maintenance issues.

    Take care,
    Lorrie B.
    - Seattle, WA
  • "Mark was very knowledgeable in this service & he was very personable and thorough."
    Chuck B.
    - Minot, ND
  • Mark,

    I wanted to thank you for the thorough and professional inspection you conducted for me. ... and for the "free" helpful hints you gave along the way. It's refreshing to encounter someone who really seems to enjoy their job.

    Thanks again for the quick response times. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others.
    Marilyn T.
    - Minot, ND
  • Mark,

    Thank you for the prompt email on those reports.
    As a military member who inspects, troubleshoots and performs periodic function tests on mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, let me say, your report was nothing short of fantastic! Completely thorough and from top to bottom, the report gave me great awareness as to the true state of the home. The "Summary" report was particularly useful for things I need to stay aware of or repair in the near future; extremely helpful for me as a new and first-time home owner. The photo additions and explanations were great!

    All in all, exemplary job, man! Any Airman heading to Minot, look for a home... I'm sending them your way.

    Thanks again Mark!
    Christopher F.
    - Minot, ND
  • Mark,

    Thank you. I love how thorough the report is. It will help us a lot when we move in. I enjoyed working with you on this, and cannot thank you enough.
  • Thanks Mark,

    I appreciate the amount of detail you presented in your report and also the quick manner in which you delivered it. I will certainly recommend your services to the people I know.
    Matt K.
  • Dear Mark,

    This a note to thank you for allowing me to observe your inspection this morning and for answering my questions. I know little about the operation of a house so sharing your knowledge was a great help for me. I was also impressed by the thoroughness of your inspection and the speed and detail with which you prepared your inspection report.

    Thanks again.

    Robert S.
    - Minot, ND
  • Mark, we were very please with the Home Inspection you did for us yesterday! Especially with the busy day you had with the weather there. We appreciate your fast response.

    The Inspection and Picture were extremely insightful and thorough. We are confident that we can either repair ourselves or go with a professional. We do understand that the Inspection has it's limitations. Your Inspection far exceeded what we expected! You're very personable and professional. We were also impressed with your Contract for Services and Inspection as easy to read and understand, very common sense approach! We would highly recommend you and your services!

    Thank you for a job well done!
    Merton & Lola K
    - S. Baldwinsville, NY
  • Mark,

    Thanks for the quick report. I was quite impressed by your thoroughness, findings, and report format. I think is I were to buy a house anywhere in the nation, I'd seriously think about hiring you to do it. The things you found were certainly an eye opener for me, i.e., things you can't really tell about by just looking at real estate add photos. Whether we wind up buying the place or not, your services was worth every penny.

    Best Regards,
    Tom C.
    - Bremerton, WA
  • Thank you for all your help! You have been wonderful to work with and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs an inspection.

    Thanks again!
    Mackenzie N.
  • Thank you so much for the profession inspection you did for us! We appreciate your thoroughness, objectivity and level of knowledge. The information you provided helped us make a more informed decision about the property. We will gladly recommend you to anyone who needs a home inspection.
    Jason and Kerala M.
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