Fee Schedule & Payment Center

Fee Schedule & Payment Center

Please call or email for quotes on larger homes or multi-family structures. Square footage is figured on the total area of the structure above and below ground.  To pay by credit or debit card please enter the Quantity of 1 in the box matching the size of the home below or enter the quoted fee amount at the bottom of the Fee & Payment Schedule with the Quantity 1, press continue and you will proceed through the payment process.




Quantity Description Price
0000-2500 Home Inspection $300.00
2501-3000 Home Inspection $325.00
3001-3500 Home Inspection $350.00
3501-4000 Home Inspection $375.00
4001-4500 Home Inspection $400.00
4501-5000 Home Inspection $450.00
5001-5500 Home Inspection $500.00
Duplex Inspection 0000-3000 SF $400.00
4 Unit Apartment Inspection $550.00
Workshop Inspection $50.00
Shed Inspection $15.00
Radon Test with Home Inspection $100.00
Radon Test without Home Inspection $125.00
Limited Air Sampling for Mold-Per Sample $115.00
Asbestos Testing - Per Sample $125.00
Mileage and Travel Time - Per Mile $0.75
Quoted Inspection Fee Total



Please Note:

  If you would like to pay by credit card we have three options for payment. 

  1. We can swipe the card in person.
  2. We can manually enter the card information. 
  3. You can enter the corresponding fees above. 


For us to accept your credit card manually we will need the following information which could be phoned to us at 701-833-1978, Faxed to 866-872-9959 or emailed to [email protected] :

  1. Name as it appears on the card.
  2. Billing address related to the card.
  3. Telephone Number.
  4. Card Type. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  5. Card Number.
  6. Expiration Date.
  7. Security Code.



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Here's what our customers have to say about Central Home Inspections:

Darren,  Thank you so much for the professional inspection you did for us!  We appreciate your thoroughness, objectivity and level of knowledge.  The information you provided helped us make a more informed decision about the property.  We will gladly recommend you to anyone who needs a home inspection.

Jason and Kerala M. - Bozeman, MT



Last updated on  Jun 28, 2017